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- Connector pinouts -
1/4", XLR, MIDI, Inserts, DMX, Speakon, Truck / Trailer
(Click here for the PDF version. Click here for the DOC version.)

- Guitar Wiring -
Diagrams and pinouts of the many different giutars and pickups, including acoustic pickups

- NEMA connector pinouts -
Diagrams and pinouts of the many different 120 and 240 volt AC connectors

- Leviton Electrical Products Website -
Nice website with lots of diagrams

- History of the XLR connector -
A good website about the history of the XLR connector


- Solving Ground Loops -
Ideas for mounting and connecting your equipment

- Cable Type Specifications -
Types of cables

- Amperage Rating for Cables -
Specs on various cables


- Ohms Law and Wavelength Calculation -
Excel spreadsheet with 12 worksheets covering Ohms Law, calculating the wavelength
of a particular frequency and calculating speaker/cabinet impedance.

- Ohms Law Calculators -
Several Ohms Law calculators.

- Resistor Calculator -
Calculate resistor values (EXE file to run from here or download)

- Resistor Chart -
PDF chart of resistor color codes

- Voltage Drop Calculator -
Excel spreadsheet to calculate voltage loss for lengths of cables

- Wireless Mics and Instrument Frequency Charts -
Open frequency locator by FCC


- Conversion Calculator -
Excel spreadsheet for Metric conversions

- Metric Conversion Website -
Metric conversions

- Anode Load Calculator -
Excel spreadsheet to calculate the load on the tube anode

- Tube Ratings -
Interesting charts on bias and wattage ratings for various power tubes


- Light Output Calculation -
For the lightman

- CSS Color Chart -
For the web designer

- Color Chart for Web Backgrounds -
For the web designer

- Airbrush Color Chart -
For the web designer


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