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Description of the Foundation and it's goals and purpose
A list of officers and committees
Includes a description of Foundation membership
• Descriptions of Foundation programs, prospectus, membership form
Order of Business, Assistance Application, Code of Conduct
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- Resources -
This page is packed with information of all types. Click on the links below.

        - SJMF Online Store -
        Your donation helps fund the Foundation and its activities

        - SJMF Newsletter -
        SJMF Newsletters, past and present

        - For Sale and Wanted -
        Buy and sell
         This area is broken into several sections - Music Equipment, Computer Equipment, and Misc.

        - Clubs -
         Local clubs that support live music

        - Useful Websites -
         Includes IRS, Secretary of State, City and County sites
         Links to AM and FM stations, television and print media websites including contact information
         Links to the St. Joseph International Guitar Festival, Missouri Western State University
         Links to the Allied Arts Council, Civic Arena, Missouri Theater
         Links to Volunteer Lawyers, Musician Health
         Links to weather and highway departments in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska
         Link to the National Traffic Information Website
         Links to tuners and metronome
         Links to music stores
         Links to manufacturers websites

        - Local Contact Numbers for Traveling Musicians -
        Printable list that includes emergency numbers, mechanics, hotels, churches, music stores, etc.

        - SJMF Forum -

        Threaded forum with many topics

        - News Feeds -

        RSS Entertainment News Feeds from Billboard, Blues Blog, eJazz News, Rolling Stone, etc.

        - Suggested Reading -
        A list of interesting and helpful books
        Includes links to websites of magazines such as FOH, Sound On Sound, Guitar Player, Modern Drummer,
           Bass Player, EQ Magazine, Downbeat and Keyboard Magazine
        Links to "St. Joseph Notables"

        - SJMF Seminar Materials -
        Handouts, slide shows, files, etc. from Foundation seminars

        - SJMF Contact Database -
        Excel spreadsheet of musicians, sound techs, lighting techs, agents, clubs, promotional, media, etc.
        SJMF membership required for access.

        - Sample Forms -
        Includes contracts, riders (SJMF membership required for access to contract and rider forms)
         Includes forms for snake list, stage block, stage plot, channel assignments, input lists
        Job Box checklist, sales form, emergency medical form, expense sheet
        Insurance inventory checklist

        - Technical Papers -
        Includes papers on connector pinouts and NEMA pinouts
        Papers on guitar wiring of pickups for electric and acoustic
        Papers on solving common problems such as ground loops
         Cable specs, amperage rating for cables
        Ohms Law calculator, Wavelength calculator, resistor value calculator, resistor color chart
        Voltage drop calculator, wireless frequency chart, conversion calculator including metric conversion
         Tube ratings, light output calculator, color charts for web, airbrush and CSS

        - The SJMF Archives -
        Pictures, press releases, etc. of members, member bands and SJMF functions
- Events -
A list of all events the Foundation is planning
This page includes a "Donation" button
- Missouri Music Hall of Fame -
uList of inductess, history, pictures

- Archive -
Pictures, press releases, etc. of members, member bands and SJMF functions

- News -
The latest news relating to the Foundation, its members, music and the area

- Radio / TV Schedule -
The latest schedules, news and links to SJMF Radio and video feeds



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