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Don't Have a Clue Radio Schedule

Don't Have a Clue is a monthly show produced by the St. Joseph Music Foundation hosted by Danny Phillips

Mr. Phillips is a music critic and writer for the Regular Joe newspaper here in St. Joseph, The Pitch in
Kansas City and several other publications in the United States and Canada.

For the past 15 years, Danny R. Phillips been a music/pop culture journalist who has interviewed everyone from Curt Kirkwood of The Meat Puppets to Justin Townes Earle. Recently his review of the Gorman Bechard documentary "Every Everything: The Life, Times and Music of Grant Hart" was selected for inclusion in "That Devil Music: The Best Rock Writing of 2013 Anthology." Phillips also appeared in the credits of the documentary.
Phillips’ work has appeared in BLURT Magazine, PERFECT SOUND FOREVER, Deli Magazine KC, Hybrid Magazine, Skyscraper, The Pitch, The Omaha Reader, The Grunge County Gorilla, The Regular Joe and many more.

First airing in June 2010, “Don’t Have a Clue” has worked to bring music to fans both far and wide. “Free-form” in nature, the show will play anything from Slayer to Billie Holliday.
If you have music that you'd like possibly reviewed, to be played on the show or would like to be a guest on “Don’t Have a Clue” please feel free to contact him on facebook at “Don’t Have a Clue Podcast”

The St. Joseph Music Foundation is very happy and fortunate to have him here.

We hope you enjoy listening.

Don't Have a Clue credits
Hosts: Danny Phillips
Producer: St. Joseph Music Foundation
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Danny Phillips
Technical Director: Michael Fuson


Don't Have a Clue

Second Saturday
of the month


Don't Have a Clue credits:

Danny Phillips

St. Joseph Music Foundation

Michael Fuson

- Show 44 -
March 8 2014

- Show 43 -
Feb 8 2014

- Show 42 -
Jan 11 2014

- Show 41 -
Dec 14 2013

- Show 40 -
Lou Reed tribute

- Show 39 -
October 12 2013
Halloween Show

- Show 38 -
September 14, 2013
Interview with Clint

- Show 37 -
August 10, 2013
Songs that mention people

- Show 36 -
July 13, 2013
Guest - Andrew Gaug

- Show 35 -
June 8, 2013
Guest - Matthew Coman

- Show 34 -
May 11, 2013
Guest - Jerrod Hardin

- Show 33 -
April 13, 2013

- Show 32 -
March 9, 2013

- Show 31 -
February 9, 2013

- Show 30 -
January 12, 2013


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