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Bob Shultz Schedule

Bob Shultz produces two shows here at SJMF Radio.

One is Gumbo.
An expanded look at a revolving musical theme. Gumbo explores the craft of music as it appears
in different forms on a central idea.

The other is The Hit List.
The Hit List features in depth interviews and insights on upcoming events, featured performers,
and analysis of pop culture history. It’s an eclectic collection of what is happening on the
entertainment scene on a local, regional, and national level.

Air times for Gumbo are random but always updated to the radio schedule.
Air time for The Hit List is Sundays, 1:00pm.

We hope you enjoy listening.

Gumbo / The Hit List cedits
Hosts: Bob Shultz
Producer: St. Joseph Music Foundation
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Bob Shultz
Technical Director: Bob Shultz


- The Hit List -

- Episode 6
Horror Music with David Burns
Part 1

- Episode 5
The Break-up Show

- Episode 4
Southwest Detours

- Episode 3
The Back To Basics Show

- Episode 2

- Episode 1
Ricci Perkins


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