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If you are having trouble with the Request Search, use an
underscore ( _ ) instead of a space. That should clean up your results.

Because we are streaming audio in high quality, the Foundation recommends using this website's built-in player, Winamp or iTunes.

Click here to download Winamp.

Click here to download iTunes.

If you are using something else as your default player, you may need to upgrade your current player in order to listen.


SJMF Radio broadcasts in two different formats.
We do this to provide the best possible match to the equipment you may be using.
Here is a quick explanation of each feed.


If you would like a high quality feed, try using our default player or a stand-alone player of your choice. Add this line to your player for a 44.1k at 128k bits stream.


If you experience problems, such as skipping, try our streams broadcasting at 24k at 64k bits.



If you wish to listen on your cell phone, iPod or iPhone, there are several programs you can choose from.
For the iPod and iPhone, the Foundation recommends
Internet RadioBOX. You can find it in the App Store.

For Blackberry, Java based phones such as Motorola and several others, you can download RadioBee here.

Once installed, you can search Shoutcast (we are listed under 'College') OR
1.) Go to Favorites
2.) Hit Edit and then the + sign
3.) Enter for the Main Feed

if you experience problems.

(Those users who are on the Edge network will experience
drop-outs. The Edge network is not capable of sustaining the
throughput required to stream the signal we are providing.
This is not a problem with the station.
Check with your cell provider for availability of 3G or 4G.

Send your questions and suggestions to


Click here to listen to the Live Station with the
built-in player and to view current Radio stats.