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The St. Joseph Music Foundation can also provide you with service on your instruments, amps and
electronic gear.

We specialize in repair and set up of string instruments, tube amps and mixers.

Please call 816-676-1112 if you have any questions.





$ 49.50




Instrument setup
(Electric, acoustic,
keyboards, band)

  • Disassemble and clean
  • Set Relief
  • Set Action
  • Set Intonation
  • Adjust Bridge
  • Adjust Pickups
  • Adjust Tuning keys
  • Restring
  • Setup and adjust Vibrato
  • Clean and adjust electronics

    (Additional $10.00 for Floyd Rose. Additional $42.50 for Fret Dress. New strings, replacement parts, etc. available if needed at additional cost, of course. We will let you know before the repair is started.)

  • Call for quote on
    damage repair
    (lifted bridge, cracks, etc.)



Case by case basis



Electronic repair
(amps, keyboard,
P.A., processors)

Standard bench fee is
$75.00 / hr. plus parts.
Many problems can be resolved
inside an hour and while you wait.

Please call or drop by
to discuss the problem.
We can then give you an accurate quote.




$ 49.50



Basic amp service includes;

  • Clean, lube and adjust controls, switches and jacks
  • Output tube bias check and adjust
  • Ground safety check
  • New power cord if needed
  • Check for noise, power and gain
  • Performance check with instruments
  • 60 day warranty on work performed
  • Emergency service available

We can re-bias and re-tube your amp.
We offer a large selection of tubes, both new and NOS, or you can supply your own.

For example, in NOS,
we have

Tung-Sol 6550 ST NOS
U.S. Made

$ 421.00 each
(Available in matched sets)

GE Long Gray Plate 12AX7
$ 110.00 each


New tubes,

Philips 5R4GYS
Made in Holland

The best buy and best made 5AR4/5U4G/GZ33/GZ37 that we have or ever had. Made in Holland, where the famous Amperex Bugle Boy tubes were made.   First-rate, absolutely stunning tubes.  5 star reviews from everyone.
Available now at a crazy bargain for a limited time until stock runs out. When stock runs out price will be over one hundred forty dollars each....
$ 91.35 each


SED Winged C 6550C
Possilby the best 6550 available. "harmonious and perfect "
$ 115.00 each


Tung-Sol 6550
Great tube
Matched in any quantanty.
$ 69.53 each


Mullard EL34
A modern re-creation of the classic Mullard.
Matched in any quantity at same price.
$ 49.50 each


JJ ECC83s / 12AX7 Preamp Vacuum Tube
$20.01 each


Marshall EL34 100/100
Complete JJ set
2 x 12AX7
2 x 12AT7
2 sets Matched Quad EL34
$ 222.00


Orange Tiny Terror
Combo & Head

Complete JJ set
3 x 12AX7
Matched pair EL84
$ 81.50


EAT KT88 Diamond
Power Vacuum Tube
- Matched Quad

$ 1600.00

We use the best available
test equipment such as
Fluke meters, Protek
dual trace oscilloscopes
and set the bias using
a RISC-based unit for
calculations and display.

Contact us for details.




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