(Unless noted, these documents are in Microsoft Word format.
Using Word, you can edit these documents on-line and save them directly to your system.)

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Contract and Riders
SJMF membership required for access.

PDF version.

Snake list
Generic list you can edit online.

Stage block
Generic PDF map of the stage with labels for up-stage, down-stage, etc.

Stage plot
While online, you can edit this for your stage setup, save to your system and print or email.
PDF version.

Channel assignments
Generic list of channel assignments, effects inserts and monitor mix.

Template for Board Channels
Generic picture of channels, effects inserts and monitor mix to print.

Template for Board Sub Group Channels
Generic picture of sub channels and inserts to print.

Template for EQ Band assignments
Generic picture of EQ channels to print.

Job Box
Checklist for tools and needed accessories for a job. Edit for your needs.

Hand Signals for the stage
(Click here for the PDF version)

Job Sheet
Form for job information, contacts for that job, hotel, directions, to-do list, etc.
(Click here for the PDF version)

Merchandise sales form
(Click here for the PDF version)

Emergency medical form
(Click here for the PDF version)

Expense sheet
(Click here for the PDF version)

Insurance Inventory sheet
(Click here for the PDF version)

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