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Purchasing used instruments

Here you will find needed information to deal with your purchase of a used instrument.

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Used instruments

The Internet has dozens of sites giving advice when buying a used instrument from
a store or friend.

When buying from an indivdual you must be extra careful.
Stolen instruments are big business and you must protect yourself from receiving
stolen property. Remember, if you buy stolen property, even though you didn't
know it was stolen, you will be out the money you paid once the property is
You can help stop these criminals by doing a few simple things.

1. Check the Internet stolen instrument sites for listings.
The SJMF website has some links for you.
(If the instrument is found on any listing, stall the seller and call the police

2. Get the sellers ID! Copy the name, address, etc. Photocopy if possible.

3. Get the sellers phone number. Call that number right away and see who answers.

4. Get the sellers picture. In this age of smartphones, there is no excuse for not
doing it.

Any legitimate seller will agree to all of the above.
If they do not, pass on the deal no matter how good it seems.

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