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A word about the Foundation's "Order of Business".

Mission Statement

  • The Foundation will
    promote and nurture
    dialog and cooperation
    between musicians,
    venues, media, tourism,
    The City of St. Joseph
    and its good citizens.

  • The Foundation will do
    this in a way that is
    respectful, friendly,
    educational, and
    accessible to all.

  • The Foundation will
    make itself available to
    community service
    activities where the
    member’s talents may
    provide physical or
    financial relief.

  • The Foundation will do
    this to promote live music
    to our community and to
    promote the City of St.
    Joseph, Missouri to
    others around the
    country and the rest of
    the world.

The purposes of the Foundation shall be to:

  • Unite musician
    practitioners for the
    purpose of maintaining
    a Foundation dedicated
    to the constant endeavor
    of promoting excellence
    in practice for the
    betterment of all involved.

  • Represent musician
    practitioners and
    advocate for issues
    related to the profession.

  • Exchange knowledge,
    experience, and ideas
    for the purpose of
    continuing education.

  • Hold meetings for the
    advancement of the
    purposes of the

  • Assist and develop
    community service
    activities and community
    service programs.

  • Develop and present
    Arts-related programs
    including concerts and
  • Lawfully cooperate with
    other professional
    associations, universities,
    industries, technical
    societies, research
    organizations, and
    governmental agencies
    in matters affecting the
    purposes of the Foundation.


There are three levels of membership available.

Tier One is designed for professional and semi-professional musicians, performing artists, technicians, etc.

Tier Two is designed for businesses where more than one person may be participating.

Tier Three is for all those interested in the performing arts.

Common to all levels
   1. Members must be at least
18 years of age. Those under
18 are required to have parental
or guardian permission
. Those
under 18 may not hold office.
   2. All members must adhere
to the Foundation’s Code of
   3. Attendance to the monthly
meetings is not required but
members should make every
effort to attend at least 3
meetings per year.
   4. Any member is eligible to
serve as a Committee member.
   5. Proxy is not allowed.
   6. Likewise, proxy vote is not
   7. Membership dues are
   8. Members are encouraged
to participate in community
service activities representing
the SJMF.
   9. Membership is perpetual
until withdrawal notice is given
to the Board by the member or
there is a failure to pay
membership dues or the
member is released because
of Code of Conduct

Tier 1 – Full Members
A full member is a;
   a.) musician who has
successfully completed a
minimum of three paid jobs
in the past 12 months and/or
maintains certification as a
musician practitioner with an
approved certifying body, such
as certified teacher.
   b.) person currently a member
of any other professional arts
   c.) technician who has
successfully completed a
minimum of three paid jobs
in the past 12 months and/or
maintains certification as a
practitioner with an approved
certifying body.
   d.) venue owner or owner
   e.) member of government or
the business community
interested in the goals of the

A retired member is a musician,
technician or venue owner who
is retired from the practice.
Retired members are
considered Full Members.

 – Full Member Privileges
   1. Tier 1 members require
recommendation from a current
   2. Tier 1 members are
required to show proof of
musical employment for at
least 3 times in the past 12
   3. Full voting privileges.
   4. Full Members may hold
   5. Absentee ballots will be
available if appropriate for the
   6. Membership dues of
$ 25.00 per year.

Tier 2 – Supporting Member
A supporting member is a
corporation, agency,
organization, institution, or other
group interested in supporting
the purposes of the Foundation.

 – Supporting Member

   1. Full voting privileges.
   2. Supporting Members may
not hold office.
   3. Supporting Members may
serve on Committee, however,
only one representative for
each Supporting Member will
be appointed.
   4. Membership dues of
$ 75.00 per year.

Tier 3 – Patron of the Arts

A Patron member is an
individual or business interested
in fostering the purposes of the

 – Patron Privileges
   1. Full voting privileges.
   2. Patron Members may hold office.
   3. Patron Members may serve
on Committee, however, only
one representative for each
Patron Member will be
   4. There are several levels of


The St. Joseph Music
Foundation is a 501(c)(3)
corporation in the state of

We are fully funded by
membership dues and

All donations are tax-deductable.

Jon Lind

Vice President
Michael Fuson

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Celena Fuson

Polsinelli Shughart

Jack Wattenbarger

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Board of Directors
Rick Allen
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Public Relations

Anthony Glise

Public Policy

Michael Fuson
Anthony Glise

Anthony Glise


Jay Kerner

Celena Fuson
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Gregg Solonycze

Tellers Committee
None at this time

Advisory Board
Larry Buck
Jack Frost


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